How We Started?

Lazy Naturals Ja started back in 2019 by a "burnt out" natural. Sydonie (our owner) after trying everything in the book on "How To Care For Natural Hair", decided enough is enough and turned to the simpler route, becoming a "Lazy Natural". While the term is often frowned upon in the community, she has her own meaning behind it.
Lazy Natural- "Someone who loves their natural hair but prefers a simpler way of caring for and styling it."

Headbands were the first things launched in the shop and were immediately a hit! Less than a year later Satin Bonnets were then launched, which were another big hit. Customers enjoyed the quality of the Satin Bonnets along with the size as it was large enough to fit the biggest of Natural Hair comfortably.
Fast forward to now with multiple items now in store with even more to come soon, Lazy Naturals Haircare now aims to build a community centered around the love for Natural Hair, while exploring different ways to simplify their routines. Our Satin Bonnets are all adjustable eliminating the pain of your bonnet being too tight or falling off at night while increasing the longevity of your styles. Pair our Satin Bonnets with our Satin Scarfs, Satin Scrunchies, Headbands and more and "Let's Simplify Your Routine."